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The Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) Travel Advice Notices aim to ensure that British travellers are well prepared before departure. Our website also contains answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Travel Advice.

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Department of Health Travel Advice

Department of Health - EHIC

Every year, residents of the United Kingdom go on more than 59 million overseas journeys. Travel across the world is now so common that it is easy to forget the health risks which can be involved and the fact that very few countries offer such easy access to medical facilities as Britain. This area of the website contains advice for travellers about planning ahead, staying healthy and getting treatment elsewhere in the world. Also in this area is information about the EHIC, UK citizens’ passport to free or reduced-cost emergency care in most other European countries.

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Michael Spavor is believed to have been detained on suspicion of harming China's national security.

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At least seven people have been killed and dozens hurt in the crash in Ankara, officials say.

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The man was "meditating under a tree" in a protected tiger reserve in western India.

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They name Chérif Chekatt, 29, as the man suspected of opening fire in the French city, killing two.

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North and South Korea soldiers cross DMZ in peace

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The historic exchanges were part of moves to dismantle guard posts on the heavily guarded border.

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Vahid Sayadi Nasiri: Jailed Iran activist dies on hunger strike

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Jailed for his posts on social media, Vahid Sayadi Nasiri protested against his conditions in prison.

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Ethiopia brings together the more than 80 national or ethnic groups that live in the country in a celebration of diversity.

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Some people fear the country's president-elect will challenge the right to same-sex marriage.

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